Rhode River Marina Features Wet Slips, Lift Slips & Dry Rack Boatel Storage



Wet slips are extremely convenient. The boat is kept in the water for the boating season. Boaters can enjoy entertaining on their boat in the slip or for quick ride out to the bay. Rhode River Marina has wet slips to accommodate boats from 21ft up to 60ft. Boats kept in wet slips must have the bottom painted. Wet slip fees are based on the length and beam of the slip.


Lift slips have become the most popular way to store your boat. With a lift slip, you do not have to paint the bottom and your winter storage is built-in right on the lift. Rhode River Marina has over 50 lift slips that can accommodate boats from 21 to 45 feet. Lift slips are priced according to the weight they can handle. We currently have 9,000-pound lifts (up to a 24ft boat), 16,000-pound lifts, 24,000-pound lifts, 30,000-pound lifts and 50,000-pound lifts.


Hotels for boats” is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your boat. Your boat is stored in a rack system and the boat is launched upon your request. In a boatel there is no need to paint the bottom and your winter storage is included in your annual boatel price.

Boatels operate according to the launching hours provided by the marina. It is important to look for a marina with hours reasonable to the season and open seven days per week.

Rhode River Marina boatel is open seven days per week, weather permitting, and operates under the longest hours. Rhode River Marina is the only boatel in the area that offers over night / weekend docking with water and electric. We also have one of the largest areas to stage boats in the water on the busy weekends. Want to work on your boat we have land rack for washing, waxing and just messing around with you boat when it is not in the water.