Rules And Regulations

1)     All vessel shall comply with rules of the waterways.

2)     Owners must let the Marina know if their vessel is going to be out of storage space overnight or longer.

3)     Parking in the spring is very limited due to land storage. Please be considerate where you park your vehicle.  Boats are being moved to be launched. Once land storage boats are launched, there will be designated parking areas.

4)     Carts are available for your use to transport belongings to and from your boat.

5)     No vessel shall exceed 6 knots in the entrance to the Marina.

6)     No vessel shall exceed 2 knots when in the Marina basin.

7)     There is no parking in front of Piers, Fire Lanes or Dry Rack concrete pad area.

8)     Flushing of heads in Marina harbor or dumping porta-potties in the restrooms is prohibited.

9)     No dumping of trash in the Marina bathrooms.  Use the dumpster provided on the grounds.

10)   No water hose is permitted without a nozzle.  Water faucets shall not be left on when not in use. The high water pressure may burst a line.  FYI, the Marina is supplied by well water.

11)   Owners are responsible for tending their own dock lines including when arriving to and departing from the fuel dock.

12)   The pump-out station is located at the Fuel Dock.

13)   After fueling and before departing from the fuel dock, Owners should run the blowers in their engine compartments for at least 5 minutes or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

14)   Fueling of boats from portable containers is prohibited. Fueling is only allowed from the pumps at the Fuel Dock.

15)   Working on boats while stored in the Dry Rack Boatel is prohibited.

16)   Boarding or climbing upon the Dry Rack Boatel structure is prohibited.

17)   Bathing suits, towels or laundry shall not be hung on the outside of the vessel.

18)   Living aboard the boat is prohibited.

19)   Swimming, diving, fishing or crabbing is not permitted from the piers, bulkheads, or in the marina basin is prohibited.

20)   Owners are responsible to ensure that they and their guests do not engage in or create any loud noise, roughhousing, running and general disturbances in the Marina.

21)    Excessive profanities or intoxication will result in immediate termination.

22)    Open fires or charcoal grilling on boats while in the marina basin is not permitted.

23)    No signs soliciting sale, charter or other business activity allowed on the vessel.

24)    The restroom combination shall not be given to transient tenants.

25)    No carpet, rubber or other materials may be attached to pier/pilings.

26)    Sanding, painting or varnishing on the piers is not permitted.

27)    Portable electrical appliances shall not be left operating unattended aboard any boat, especially space heaters, drop lights, heating strips, and the like.

28)    Working on vessels in a slip, on the designated land work rack and in land storage is permitted (but not in the dry racks).

29)   Customers may dispose of oil or anti-freeze only in waste tanks (see Service Dept. for location).                    

30)   Pets shall be kept under control (leashed) and walked in grassy areas only. Pets are permitted only if they do not disturb other persons in the Marina. Owners are responsible for their pets’ conduct and for cleaning up their pets’ waste.

31)   Ice eaters are permitted.

32)   Owners acknowledge that no work of any kind may be performed on the Boat while it is in the Dry Rack.  Owners must give a minimum 48 hour notice in writing to RRM in order to have the Boat relocated for the performance of work outside of the Dry Rack.  Contractors are permitted to work at the Marina only if their services are not offered by the RRM Service Department. Owners acknowledge that RRM requires all workers and outside contractors or others engaged to service the Boat, to provide RRM with Certificates of workers’ compensation and/or liability insurance upon request.  RRM reserves the right to deny access to the Marina to any worker or outside contractor who fails to prove the existence of such insurance coverage satisfactory to RRM.  All outside contractors must sign RRM’s “Safety Agreement for Outside Contractors” prior to working in the Marina, and they must check in and out with the RRM Service Department upon arrival to and departure from the Marina. Due to environmental and safety concerns, all Shrink wrapping of the Boat at any place in the Marina must be performed only by the RRM Service Department.  In addition, all engine/generator winterizations performed over land in the Marina must be performed only by the RRM Service Department.

33)   Current Rates: Labor = $140.00 hr.; Shop Supplies/Environmental Fee = $60.00; Freight 5% on every invoice.

34)   Daily Storage Rates: Daily Wet Slip $2.00 per ft. /per day - Daily Land Storage = $20.00 per day.

35)   Current Rate to load or off-load boat from trailer to Dry Rack = $10.00 per ft.

36)   All service invoices are due upon receipt.  A 2% monthly service charge will be added to all Invoices over 30 days.  In the event collection action is necessary, the Owners of the vessel will be responsible for the amount due plus the Marina’s reasonable attorneys’ fees or collection fees in addition to all applicable court cost and expenses of collection.

37) A 3.0% sur-charge will be added to all payments by credit card. This fee will be due at the time of credit card payment and is non-refundable. 

38)   RRM reserves the right to modify the Rates, Rules & Regulations at its sole discretion.