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How to Choose the Best Boat Storage

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There’s plenty of fun things to do in Anne Arundel County and boating is one of them. Owning a
boat is a great way to enjoy the water and the outdoors. However, having a boat storage in
Anne Arundel County is essential to keep your boat safe. There are three main types of boat
storage: wet slips, wet lift slips, and dry rack boatels. Each type has advantages and
disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential.

Read on to learn about boat storage types and how to choose the one that's right for you.

Wet Slip, Wet Lift Slip, or Dry Rack Boatel

Before choosing the boat storage type, learning about the available types is essential. Let's
check out the options.

Wet Slips

Wet slips give you the perfect boating setup—your boat stays in the water, always ready for fun.
But remember, wet slip boats need special paint to stop underwater stuff from growing on them.
The storage cost depends on how long and wide the boat is. Wet slips are a great choice if you
live by the water and want easy boat access.

Wet Lift Slips
Wet lift slips are an excellent choice to avoid underwater painting. They also have a winter
storage option included. These slips lift your boat out of the water, keeping it clean and ready to
go. Prices depend on how heavy your boat is.

Dry Rack Boatel
If you want super convenience, think about a dry rack boatel—like a hotel for boats. Your boat
sits on a rack, ready to go in the water when you want. There is no need for underwater paint,
and winter storage is included.

How to Choose the Best Boat Storage for You
Making the best boat storage choice is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your
sailing experience. Choose wisely by analyzing your needs and considering the following

Boat storage can be expensive, so it's essential to factor in the cost when deciding.

Boat Size and Type
It is crucial to consider the size and type of your boat. Ensure that the storage facility has ample
space for your boat and can accommodate your boat's weight.

How often do you use your boat? If you use it frequently, you'll want a storage option that's easy
to access.

If you live in a climate with harsh winters, you'll need a storage option to protect your boat from
the atmospheric elements.

Not all types of boat storage are available in all areas. Do some research to see what options
are available in your area.

You should ensure that the storage facility has reasonable security measures. This will help
protect your boat from theft and vandalism.

Choosing where to store your boat is a big deal that affects your boating experience a great
deal. Consider what you need and compare wet slips, lift slips, and dry rack boatels. Rhode
River Marina has options that fit what you want, whether you like easy access, keeping your
boat safe, or both. Your boat will be in great shape and ready for your next water adventure.
Contact us now to learn more.